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8 Before and After Consignment Store Finds You Have to See to Believe!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. It’s the right type of lighting that brings style to a room, a rug with the perfect pattern, or beautiful silver to elevate your dinner party. Sophisticated pieces can add up quickly, and without a designer budget, it can be hard to find the style you [...]

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9 Types of Used Furniture that Sell Better at Consignment Stores

When it’s time to free up space and sell used furniture in your Louisville home, there’s always Craigslist, garage sales, or the curb. However, consigning the right items can get you more cash and less hassle faster than you may realize. Consigning isn’t for everything. It’s not for selling a beat-up coffee table from your college [...]

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9 Unique Tips for Buying Antique Furniture at Consignment Shops

Antique furniture is not your average garage sale find. True vintage or antique pieces can take a little time to hunt down, but when you find them, they are true gems that you can’t live without. Buying antique furniture or vintage items is a smart strategy to get really good quality pieces for a lot less. [...]

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9 Used Furniture Tips: Why Buy Used and How to Make It Look New

Furniture is what makes a house your home. It’s the accessory that brings a space together. You want that perfect sofa to relax on while watching a movie after a long day at work, the perfect desk for a place to study or work, and the dining room table for dinner or play. It brings a [...]

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