8 Before and After Consignment Store Finds You Have to See to Believe!

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

It’s the right type of lighting that brings style to a room, a rug with the perfect pattern, or beautiful silver to elevate your dinner party.

Sophisticated pieces can add up quickly, and without a designer budget, it can be hard to find the style you love for the price you want.

Don’t worry, that’s where we come in.

Consignment store home furnishings are the best way to get the style you are looking for at a fraction of the cost.

Best of all, you find unique pieces that no one else has, and you can make them your own to match your own preference and compliment your style.

Finally, you can have the perfect rug in the right size and the perfect shade of blue you’ve been hunting for.

Some of the most popular consignment store finds that save you big money are lamps and lighting, rugs, silver, chairs, and dressers.

We are here to show you how to take these everyday items from old and boring to new and improved for less money and time than you thought possible.

Cheap Lamps and Lighting

Even a seemingly basic lamp at any furniture store can easily be over $100.

If you want that coveted Pottery Barn style, your price just doubled. Now, you can get the designer style at consignment store prices.

What started as a basic floor lamp is transformed into a statement piece. The clear bubble base and the elegant pattern on the shade makes this work perfectly in a more modern style.

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These popular coral lamps usually cost between $80-$100 a piece, but you can find similar style lamps at a consignment store and paint them to achieve the clean, new look you’re searching for.

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It’s baffling how much of a difference a little spray paint can make. Old brass light fixtures are generally easy to find and they make the perfect addition to a kitchen, bedroom, or even a closet. Use a bright color, like red, or even a silver metallic spray paint to create a light fixture that definitely draws attention.

Industrial or farmhouse lighting is a huge trend right now, and Candyjacks in Louisville is the perfect place to make this happen. You can use old cages, vintage lamp holders, or even chicken wire to create something like a beautiful DIY Pendant Light.

Discount Rugs

Any high-quality rug is a high-quality investment (i.e.: expensive). If you can find an authentic and valuable area rug on consignment, grab it before it’s gone.

Some fixer-uppers require more detail than others, but rugs are simple. A deep cleaning and a quick thread over and you’re good to go. Just look at the difference one rug cleaning can make.

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If you’re on the hunt for a large area rug to fill a big space, don’t be deceived by first appearances. With a little TLC, even the most hideous rug can be transformed into the carpet of your dreams.

This rug started out as a drab brown color, but with a little paint and a simple stencil design, you can DIY your way to greatness.

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Chevron, polka dots, and other simple designs are a great idea for rugs because they bring simple style to a room without being too overwhelming. Luckily, these designs are also the easiest to DIY. All you need is a plain rug, paint, and a little imagination. Needing some ideas for your next transformation? Contact us today and we can discuss some options with you!

Find Some Silver

Keep your eyes open for sterling silver anytime you shop in a consignment store. When I say silver, I mean the old, dingy, dull gray or even copper-ish tone pieces.

That’s right, silver doesn’t always look shiny, but true silver is valuable. Look carefully to see if the piece is real silver, or ask the store attendant for a small buffing cloth. You can tell real silver because it buffs easily and cleans quickly to restore its former shine.

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Look for silver in jewelry, flatware, pitchers, candlesticks, or platters. All you need is a little silver polish and you’ve found yourself a hidden gem you can treasure for years.

Chairs on Consignment

Store-bought chairs always give me sticker shock. An accent chair can easily cost the same (or more) than an entire sofa at a furniture store.

Older, used chairs are a great investment because they often are built with solid wood frames and quality construction that will last longer than the mass-produced stuff. All they need is a little updating.

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If you’ve never upholstered a chair before, choose one that comes apart easily (these are usually dining chairs with a cushion that can be popped out). Then, move on to more complicated pieces.

Upholstery is all about carefully taking apart your old chair, cutting new fabric and wrapping it back up like a brand-new present to yourself.

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These are a great DIY because you can customize them to match your space and enjoy them for years.

Repurpose Old Dressers

Consignment dressers are perfect for creating custom furniture, especially for children.

It’s hard to spend a lot of money on kid’s furniture that they will likely outgrow, color on, or plaster stickers all over. For this reason, consignment store pieces are perfect for DIY moms or artistic young ones because you can create a beautiful dresser to match your little one’s favorite color, character, Louisville team, or style without worrying about how much it costs.

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You could even get the little ones involved and let them draw to their heart’s content! Or use chalk paint to create both a beautiful piece and an artistic outlet.

Consignment stores give you more options to create the furniture you really want, rather than settling for the furniture on the showroom floor. Expand your horizons and let your imagination go wild! Call today to see how we can help create the home of your dreams.

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