9 Types of Used Furniture that Sell Better at Consignment Stores

When it’s time to free up space and sell used furniture in your Louisville home, there’s always Craigslist, garage sales, or the curb.

However, consigning the right items can get you more cash and less hassle faster than you may realize.

Consigning isn’t for everything. It’s not for selling a beat-up coffee table from your college apartment that you bought at Wal-Mart.

It is about selling quality used furniture that still has value.

Maybe you are downsizing and you have a house full of items that you no longer need. Perhaps you inherited items that aren’t your style, or you have a storage unit you’re sick of paying for. Deciding to sell used furniture is a great way to make a little extra money for things you no longer want or need.

So, what is worth consigning and what isn’t?

Here are ten types of used furniture that sell better at consignment stores:

Sell Home Accessories

Truth be told, consignment stores are often more interested in your vintage lamps than they are in an old couch. The reason is simple: they take up less space.

Tables, curtains, props, knick knack items are easy for consignment shops to sell. Larger pieces don’t move as quickly, so they can’t always accept big pieces.

Dining Sets

Tables and chairs are a great item to sell at consignment stores. Contemporary sets are good sellers, especially if the chairs are in good condition for used furniture.

Oftentimes, buyers will be willing to buy different styles of chairs to replace broken ones at home, which make dining chairs a valuable commodity for consignment shops. Call us today to see if we can accept your misfit chairs!

Buffet Tables Sell High

Several years ago, people didn’t even know what a buffet table was. Now, they are used in nearly every room in the house.

They are popular as stands for large, flat-screen TVs; they look beautiful in a grand entryway or down a long hallway.

Of course, they are still used for their original use in a formal dining room. If you have a long buffet table on your hands that you are willing to sell, a consignment store would be happy to get you cash in hand.

Upholstered Items

Upholstery can be a hot seller or a complete dud. It depends on the type of upholstery on the used furniture. If you have a floral, stripe, or plaid sofa – set it out at the garage sale and hope someone needs it.

If you have a solid-color sofa or a sleeper sofa, contact a consignment store. These classic used furniture pieces can be valuable, especially if they are in a bright or trendy color. These tend to sell well in Louisville.

Sell Leather Furniture

Leather never loses its value. It looks great for years and is easy to condition and polish, making it a great used furniture find for consignment stores. Chances are you can get more bang for your buck selling your leather sofa to a consignment store.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden dressers and bookshelves are always sought-after items that are perfect for a consignment shop. People generally don’t want secondhand engineered wood furnishings, but if you have a solid wood used furniture piece, it can be worth more than you think.


We just said that we want used solid wood pieces, but just because its laminate doesn’t mean it’s completely worthless. Laminate items make great refurbishment pieces because they are made to take a lot of wear and tear. Depending on the style and condition of the used furniture, even laminate furniture can retain some value.


Used wrought iron or aluminum items are beautiful when they are refurbished. Second-hand metal often looks old, dirty, and dingy, but it’s often easy to remove rust, repaint, or polish it to reveal its former glory and sell. Because of the lasting power of metal furniture, it’s a great to consign used metal furniture and accessories rather than leave on the curb. This is a favorite of ours at Candyjacks! Call us today to see if we’re a good fit for you.

The Odd and Unique

Vintage pieces, garden tables, antique tools, or retro pieces are all perfect fits for a consignment shop.

Before You Consign

Before packing up your truck and hauling everything down to a Louisville consignment shop to sell used furniture, do a little research so you know exactly what you are taking and if it will be accepted.

Call Ahead: Consignment shops generally only accept items that they need to meet the demand of their customers. It is always a good idea to call ahead of time and see if they would be willing to look at the items and used furniture you have available.

Some consignment shops only accept incoming items on certain days or designated hours, so it’s always a good idea to call ahead.

Do Your Homework: If you have valuable used furniture pieces, bring any documentation with you. If you have an old family table that has been passed down, do a little digging to see where it originated, or when it was built.

Any information you can bring with you will make your used furniture piece more valuable.

Don’t Dump: A consignment store is not a dumping ground for stuff you don’t want anymore. They will not sift through boxes of junk for you.

If we don’t accept it, you can still sell it elsewhere.

Take the time to go through all your items before you bring them in and pick out the items that have significant resale value to sell at the consignment shop.

Don’t bring in items that are low quality/value or items that are broken, dirty or outdated.

At Candyjacks, we work to help you sell used furniture. Contact us right now to start making some money!

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